There comes a time when the perception of a woman as domestic slave, doormat and sexual object is eradicated and her beauty and splendour acknowledged and appreciated by the world.

Let every man, nation and the world acknowledge and appreciate a woman’s splendour and worth, regardless of her skin colour, religion, background or circumstances.

A woman is a true reflection of the love and wisdom of our creator, God Almighty, who enables her with the unique attributes and potentials to recreate and give birth to life.

A Woman represents love, peace, endurance, kindness, gentleness, forgiveness, energy and life. A woman, the mother of all men and nations; tiny and great, simple and complex, poor and rich, lost and found, humble and arrogant; yet her gentle love and tenderness, kind and forgiving nature enables her to love unconditionally and endure with patience the afflictions and bruises brought upon her body and soul by these same men and nations she conceived in her very own womb and gave birth to. Men and nations whom without her very own existence would be made void.

A woman is liken to mother earth- she upholds, bears and nourishes every seed planted into her and brings forth fruits of splendour. She is trampled upon and exploited for selfish desires; yet she is foundation, home and food for all who trample upon her and exploit her.

A woman is the core of families, generations, nations and the world; If only the world could sit back for an instant,  gaze and reflect upon her majesty and beauty, it would be evident just how powerless and void it would be without her existence.

A tiny little foetus, she conceived in her womb, loved, nurtured, nourished and protected from the harsh realities of the world. Her very own body was home, light, food and drink for the tiny little vulnerable creature. Through sickness, fatigue, distress and complications her whole being went- yet not for an instant did she think of aborting or terminating its life.

She held on firm onto the tiny little creature in her womb with hope and life; she went on gradually, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, week by week and month by month, enduring, loving and hoping, until it was the appointed time of travail and birth of the of the tiny little precious life within her…who represents generations, nations and the world today.

 The same world which has turned against her, used and abused her, yet she has never stopped loving, caring and protecting it, not even for a moment- A mother’s unconditional and true love.

 Let every man, nation and the world relax and allow the burning flame of love; gentleness, kindness and wisdom of a woman touch and transform souls, nations and the world.


In honour of every woman worldwide.

Sylvia Forchap (Founder and Executive Director Voice of Nations cic)


Like the Dark Continent- a refuge to war, sorrow, struggles, hardship, poverty and endurance, yet capable of bringing forth great men and women of all times, is a black woman- Her body is home to sorrow, pain, abuse, endurance; yet she never relents and stops hoping for an instant. She hopes, she conceives, she holds on, she gives birth and brings forth great men and women of all nations into the world- replenishing the world with perfect hope and vision.

Like that perfect black evening dressing gown every woman yearns, absorbing all impurities, yet appearing sparkling and spotless in the limelight, is the perfection of the dark complexion of a black woman.

Like the perfect black dress concealing all imperfections and bringing out the perfect slim figure and beauty of a woman, is a black woman- appearing perfect, glowing and full of joy; yet underneath her beauty and perfection, are concealed the imperfections and struggles of her life, domestic violence, pain and sorrows. Like the gorgeous perfect black dress, she perfectly conceals the imperfections of her spouse, children, family and nation.

Like a beautiful radiant sun in a hot summer day, she extends the radiance and warmth of her tender and compassionate heart to all, conveying a glow on the face of all she comes in contact with, regardless of what goes on within her.

Like a dark and void room so is a black woman- her beautiful dark complexion being comparable to darkness. Yet only in the presence of darkness and emptiness is the purpose and perfection of light revealed. So is a black woman, in the midst of her struggles, tribulations, weaknesses, frailty, pain and endurance is her perfection, majesty and purpose revealed.... and transcend the lives of her children, families, generations, nations and the world.

Her greatness, success, values and legacy live forever and are manifested in the lives and achievements of the great men and women she conceived and brought forth into the world- great men and women and leaders of all calibre she bore. Great men and women and leaders of all calibre she led into the world.

Her wisdom, patience, unconditional love, kindness, warmth, humility, gentleness, endurance and values are the source of her strength, legacy and perfection.

Dedicated to all black women worldwide.

Peace and Respect

By Sylvia L. Forchap (Executive Director Voice of Nations cic)


Our greatest obstacle in life is fear.  One of the most common fears in the world is the fear of saying something stupid and messing things up or being humilated. Such fear paralyzes the spirit and there are millions of people who won’t say a word because they are too afraid that they will say something stupid and mess up. This is rather unfortunate, because everyone is unique and special and has something or a lot interesting things and ideas to share. However, their fear hinders them from saying anything. For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline (2 Timothy 1:7).

Here is good and effective way to get rid of inferiority complex and boost your confidence:

The next time you are in a group of people and they are discussing a subject that you know a little or more about, you can start talking about that without the fear of messing up things or sounding silly. Just start with a phrase like this: “I think that……but I might be wrong!” In that way you are not afraid to go wrong or to mess things up, because you already made it clear in the beginning.

P.S: Only by saying stupid things do we learn the right things.. So don’t be afraid to make errors....We do learn everyday from our mistakes, and the more we know, the more confident we are.

Two simple confidence exercises for the day:

Breathing technique: Whenever you feel nervous, just breath slowing and deeply, if possible counting your breaths (this shifts your focus to your breath and ability to relax), until you calm yourself down. When you are nervous, you should avoid talking, breathe until you calm down. This also works in cases where one is preparing for a big event and is stressed out.

Grab a notebook straight away and start using it for recording all the good things that you do well. By writing down everything that you do well from your workplace, social gathering or from home, you will start to gain a decent level of self awareness and self-confidence.

Tip! Whenever you feel disappointed, just open this notebook and start reading. Once you realise the many good things you have done in the past, you will feel amazing. “Did I do all of this stuff! Man that’s awesome!” Keep reading through the notebook because all that’s in there is true and it’s done by you! So, you can do great things in your life!

The notebook is just a confirmation that you are a great person, with unique and special abilities, and that can do things the right way! You should be proud of yourself! One of the most important confidence building exercises that have been available to us humans from the beginning of the world, yet we did not recognise or appreciate it until in recent times, is the “CAN DO mind set and attitude”.

Make every effort to become a person that rarely says “No”, “I can’t do this”, “will try”, “may be”, “Must”, “I’ll do it later”. All these words are poisonous for your self confidence. They slowly and very surely destroy all the self esteem and self confidence you have. Start using powerful and motivating words like “Yes, I can”, “I will”, “I am doing it”, “Sure”, “Yes”, “terrific”, etc.

There is such a slim line between what you think you can do and what you can actually do! However, if you start by saying “I can’t do this” you won’t even start, even though you can do almost anything if you want. Just begin by saying “Yes I can”. Never mind the surrounding obstacles, just say that every time you do something. You will notice that your percentages of successes will start to go up and this will prove to you that you can actually do all you want to. Start being that “CAN DO” man or woman that you were always meant to be and live your life with a strong, powerful self confidence and purpose! 

"I Can Do All Things through Christ Who Strengthens Me" Philippians 4:13

'My people perish for lack of knowledge'Hosea 4:6...Lack of knowledge of their true identity...true worth...true potential...true purpose of existence...and where they are going to...

In life it is not very important where you come from, neither is it important where you are right now. The most crucial and important thing of all is where you are going to...You may not like your past, no worries, let go of it and don't let it hold you back and be trapped in it, for you cannot change it...Yet you can change your perception about it!

Let's imagine that it was a huge barrier or stumbling stone - and it kept you trapped and locked up in the darkness and oppression of your past...the stone you considered made you stumble and fall back every time you tried to go forward or over it. Now why not look at it this way...It was there for a purpose, as a stepping stone, to lift you higher for greater give you that spring in your steps you needed to go over that huge barrier or wall that kept you confined within the limitations of you past? Without that stepping-stone, you would not have had enough strength and spring in your steps to overcome that barrier...

On the other hand, you may be going through some really though times right now, and do not like your present…yet something you can do and must do about it, while you are still in it. You might want to reposition yourself, move, walk, and run or change the way it is or your perception about it. However, the tricky thing is this: If you have to reposition yourself, you must have knowledge of where you will reposition yourself...if you want to move, walk, run or change, then you must have an idea and an in depth knowledge of where you intend to move to, walk to, run to, or the change you desire to have. Without this in-depth knowledge, every effort is futile and a complete waste of time, resources and consumption of your valuable strength and energy.

In the same way, someone by you or in a better position may only be able to direct, guide, and lead you to your desired destination, only  the know your desired the destination! A Satellite navigator as valuable as it is could be of no use or value to you if you have no clue of where you are going! Alternatively, even worst, it is absolutely of no benefit to you if you do not have to move from your current position. In the same way, all the great mentors, role models, and leaders out there would be of no benefit to you if you have no clue of where you are going to or want to be ( they may make all the guesses and suggestions, which may not necessarily be useful to you-a complete waste of your time/ effort and theirs).

Therefore, arise! Wake up from your slumber…Wake for your comfort zone…wake up from your present position, if that is not where you should be or want to be.  Look afar...imagine where you want to be, imagine the changes you want for yourself, your children, family, relationships, and your world…imagine the benefits they will bring to you, your children, family,… and world...then go for it with such passion and determination!

Soar up to greater heights with a focused vision and wings spread out like an eagle! In addition, like an eagle stay focused, determined, and embrace and exploit the storms that you come across as you soar to your desired destination...for they serve a single purpose, which is always to your push you forward and lift you up to greater heights and propel you effortlessly to your ideal and final destination!

Arise, and be visionary! Step forward into your future with great confidence and courage! You have within you the strength, power, and authority to determine, change, shape, and establish your future and destiny! My prayer for you is that whatever choices and changes you make; your intent purpose of creation and existence will be completely achieved and fulfilled…To the Glory of your Heavenly Father!

Be blessed and empowered.


   The Authentic Leader's Faith

Dear Visionaries, I came across this video and thought I would share it with you...Watch, reflect, ponder, and be inspired…what do you see in FAITH Dickey? Do you believe you too posses what you see in her, or could possess it? Feel very free to share your thoughts and leave your comments!

In FAITH Dickey, I envisage a glimpse of Authentic Leadership.  Authentic leaders are willing to go alone even when no is willing to follow! They are brave, courageous, determined, focused, and have a clear vision of what they want to achieve, where they want to be, and why? They have a dream, they have a vision…Their vision is vivid, their vision is succinct, and it is their absolute drive! They have a vision they are passionate about, produced by a core conviction, and ignited by a purpose…A core conviction of who they are…whose they are…A core conviction that they are victors and not victims, winners and not losers, leaders and not followers…and are born and exist for purpose.

Authentic leaders cannot and will not take a step of faith without vision…without knowing where they are going to, and the purpose of the journey (for without vision, they will stumble… be lost…and perish), and without purpose there is no motivation, and without motivation, action is impossible…and without action no step can be taken towards completion and victory…

FAITH, as her name actually says it all…is substance of the things HOPED for and evidence of things not seen yet…Simply said, FAITH is believing in the unseen and providing compelling and concrete mental evidence of its existence. In other words, in times of hardships, battles of life, and challenges, you must believe in the victory you envisaged…the success you desired and dreamed of ( this is HOPE)…and finally present a mega trophy to your mind, which will ultimately pass it on as concrete and compelling evidence and reality to your physical body through your 5 senses. You will now be able to see the evidence clearly, touch it, feel it, smell it, and taste it! Finally, who has seen, touched, felt, smelled, and tasted victory, success, knows just how wonderful it is and desires nothing else!

 I liken the scenario of this video to when a visionary/ authentic leader finds himself/ herself in a very challenging life situation, and alone, as it's usually the case! What do you do as a visionary in such situations? Do you give up, loose focus, and fall? On the other hand, do you remain focused, determined, and keep walking the good walk of faith and not of sight? I urge you to remain focused, determined, courageous, and keep the vision alive. Do not be distracted by such challenges and hardship, do not look behind, nor to the right nor to the left…else, you would lose focus, stumble, fall and get hurt. Keep pressing forward, keep looking and moving forward, towards your final destination! Do not give up, and remain hopeful and faithful…

As you see in the video, she does not take her eyes off her destination, every step and effort made is well calculated, planned, and executed meticulously for the completion of the journey and achievement of victory and purpose!


Want to know more? Then why not attend one of our Revolutionary Leadership Empowerment ( Or why not Join Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi’s mentoring and leadership program (

Be blessed and inspired!

Love, Sylvia


Good morning once more beloved visionaries. It’s an honour and privilege once more to address you through this audio message.

Are you having in a spring in your step this morning and going above every obstacle or barrier that comes your way with a cheerful and positive attitude? If not, then I hope you find the reasons, strength, and courage to do so…and this message is especially for you beloved!

I want to let you know that there will always be challenges in this world irrespective of how good, powerful, confident, or motivated one is. So brace yourself, ready, steady, and go…

When we encounter challenges in life, it is an excellent opportunity for us to learn and grow…yet we must make the choice and decision to do so.

We have two fundamental options to choose from…

Embrace, learn and develop yourself ( Stepping Stone)

Reject, isolate, live in pain, depression and don’t grow? (stumbling block)

Listen to this inspiring audio which will help guide your decision towards the first choice.

Be blessed!!286&parid=52B610D631149389!285&authkey=!AEO-koo8IYxv1P4&Bpub=SDX.SkyDrive&Bsrc=SkyMail

The National Diversity Awards Team caught up with Sylvia after she won the Positive Role Model Award for Gender at The National Diversity Awards 2016. Here is what she said…

How did you feel about the other shortlisted nominees within your category?

They are such incredible women doing remarkable work to make a difference in our nation/ society. I was honoured to be shortlisted amongst such amazing people! It was very humbling to be in their presence.

After winning the award, what is your next step?

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