Equal Opportunities

The promotion of equality and the eradication of prejudice and discrimination is an integral part of VON’s vision and values for its clients; and its activities are set up to promote gender equality and inclusion of women into roles of leadership and in promoting the economy of their communities.

We will invest quality time and effort and work sensitively and professionally with individuals within different communities to develop positive relationships. Initially, by targeting issues that affect females generally; we believe that cross-cultural/ racial working is possible and will lead to greater openness and engagement between groups and individuals/ communities.


VoN will work to eradicate discrimination and prejudice and create equality of opportunity both in its role as an employer and in the provision of services.

The following groups experience particular inequality:

  • Black people and people from other minority groups
  • Disabled people
  • Lesbians and gay men
  • Women

Other people also experience discrimination and disadvantage because of their age, social class, religious beliefs and cultural practices, language, domestic, caring and child care responsibilities, HIV status. A programme of action will be developed to make this policy fully effective and will address the needs of people in these and other oppressed groups. VoN acknowledges that its own structures, practices and procedures can be discriminatory to the above groups and will continuously work towards ensuring that.