Healthy Liverpool Vision - Be Empowered & Transform Your Life!

Are you actively involved in making important health & wellbeing decisions of your life with your GP, Health Professional and/or community therapists?

Are you aware of the opportunities and options within the NHS & your local community and/or empowered to effectively manage your health conditions and improve your lifestyle?

Would you like to collaborate with your health professionals/GPs and become an integral part in a person centred health care vision...where your beliefs, values, culture, opinions and voice count and are considered? Then this is the time and Healthy Liverpool Vision is the place to start!

Join our Intensive Healthy Liverpool Project in partnership with The NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (NHS LCCG) & become key player in shaping and transforming your health and life with our support and that of the NHS-LCCG.

Get involved in shaping and determining what you need to achieve optimal health & wellbeing!

Take full control of your health & well being!

Your Life, Your values, your choices...Be in control, or let circumstances/society take control...

Be Informed, Educated, Empowered, Inspired and Coached by one of the best Health & Wellbeing Transformational & Empowerment/ Lifestyle Coaches of our time @ Voice of Nations CIC.For more informatiomn and to book your place please see attached flyer:/sites/default/files/SDM_Poster.finalv2.docFor more information about the Heathy Liverpool Vision & Shared Decision Making Proposal please visit: