Liverpool Mental Health Festival Health & Wellbeing Symposium and Book Launch

Liverpool Mental Health Festival 2017_Health & Wellbeing Symposium/ Book LaunchAs part of The Liverpool Mental Health Festival 2017 and World Mental Health Day, we are holding a Transformational Health & Wellbeing Symposium and Launching Our CEO’s New Bestseller, 7 Powerful Strategies For Overcoming Life Challenges – Tested & Proven Life Changing Keys.The Theme of the Symposium is: Attaining Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Wellbeing. It will take place on Tuesday, 10th of October 2017, at 208 Picton Road, L15 4LLBenefits of attaining:You will encounter and experience a transformational and very vibrant and empowering atmosphere!Take part in a Masterclass that will enable you to better understand and apply the principles and power of Mental Transformation.Lively and refreshing activities on the day for you to get involved in and refresh, while you are empowered to care for your mental, emotional, and physical health and wellbeing.Free refreshment and drinks.Holistic therapies available on the day.Leave with 8 Powerful Life Changing Keys unveiled in Amazon #1 Bestseller: 7 Powerful Strategies For Overcoming Life Challenges.Get Powerful Life Tools and Resources to implement straight away and start flourishing in optimal health and wellbeing.Take away powerful and practical strategies to overcome stress, anxiety, and depression, and become more Resilient.You will be enriched with a wealth of information, support, and knowledge about developing healthy habits and lifestyle.You will gain profound knowledge and understanding of how to take full control of your life and enjoy it to the fullest…Enter into a draw to win a free copy of mazon #1 Bestseller: 7 Powerful Strategies For Overcoming Life Challenges.Get an autographed copy of Amazon #1 Bestseller, 7 Powerful Strategies For Overcoming Life Challenges at a very discounted price and free ecopy, with a specialized message from the Author.Want to know more? Then you are welcome to come along and discover for yourself.This is a Symposium not to be missed! Spread the word and bring along a friend or loved one.Volunteers needed for the day. Please reserve your place via eventbrite, or contact us to volunteer at or call 07539216072/ 01513454340.Get in touch with us if you are a Health and Wellbeing Organisation, or an individual passionate about the subject, and you want to show case or promote your services/ products to our vast and very diverse range of stakeholders/ beneficiaries.