Mission Statement

Creation from Within:

We are a vibrant, innovative 21st Century Award-Winning Community Interest Company, based in Merseyside, where all dreams and visions become reality. We believe that all humans are born equal and every individual is unique, regardless of their background or circumstances. We are very passionate about nurturing and assisting females blossom into their full potential, while promoting social justice/ awareness and gender equality.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to become a world-class advocate, role model and leader. We aspire to provide first hand and quality support through engagement, social and recreational activities. We aim to deliver consultations, workshops, trainings, seminars and conferences strategically designed  to educate, empower, mentor , inspire, promote integration and leadership of underprivileged young girls, women and their families in the UK and at international levels.


Honesty and Integrity

It is our policy to work openly and honestly with clients, staff and partners and promote transparency and feedback of project expectations/ outcomes.

Quality and Excellence

At VON we value quality and not quantity. Though aspiring to provide services to a wider market, we will primarily focus on the quality of our service provision and the relationships created and established with our clients and partners. As a result, VON provides an easy and direct access to its board of directors to eliminate stressful and long waiting times.


Our policy is to create and establish a warm and friendly environment and good interpersonal relationships with clients and partners.


At VON our clients come first, and we place a significant value on their comfort and time. Our services/ sessions/ workshops are made available and accessible to our clients at specific locations/ times of their choice.


We acknowledge and respect the uniqueness of every one of our clients‘ as embedded in our core values, and accordingly, invest quality time and effort to identify each client‘s needs and provide tailored support/ solutions.