Overcoming Life’s Storms & Challenges with Dr Sylvia Forchap Likambi

It’s an honour and privilege once more to address you through this audio message. Are you having in a spring in your step this morning and going above every obstacle or barrier that comes your way with a cheerful and positive attitude? If not, then I hope you find the reasons, strength, and courage to do so…and this message is especially for you beloved! The message is entitled overcoming Life’s storms and challengesI want to let you know that there will always be challenges in this world irrespective of how good, powerful, confident, or motivated one is. So brace yourself, ready, steady, and go…When we encounter challenges in life, it is an excellent opportunity for us to learn and grow…yet we must make the choice and decision to do so. We have two fundamental options to choose from…Embrace, learn and develop yourself ( Stepping Stone)Reject, isolate, live in pain, depression and don’t grow? (stumbling block)Listen to this inspiring message and be encouraged and blessed!