Ms. Precious Arowolo. BSc, MSc

Mrs Precious Arowolo Nee Eguaoje is the secretary of Voice of Nations cic. She is originally from Nigeria (West of Africa), where she grew up and attended University. Mrs Arowolo obtained a diploma certificate in Applied Microbiology at the University of Benin, in Nigeria.

She later on moved to the United Kingdom in 2004, to further her education. While in the UK, she obtained a BSc in Applied Biomedical Science (School of Pharmacy and Bimolecular Sciences) at the Liverpool John Moores University in Liverpool.

Her great desire and hunger for knowledge drove her into undertaking a Master course in Biotechnology, which is almost coming into completion. Mrs Arowolo, is a very determined, goal driven and energetic individual; her strong personality and insatiable search for knowledge, challenges her in taking up a PhD in Stem cell Biology and Molecular Physiology which is due to begin in September 2011.

She is a proud mum of two, and a very ambitions and strong willed personality; she will invariable stop at nothing, until she gets to her designated destination. Mrs Arowolo is a great motivator and very positive individual, who derives extreme satisfaction in inspiring and imparting her acquired knowledge and expertise on other; assisting them fulfil their maximum potential.

In addition, Mrs Arowolo has made a significant contribution in the field of Biotechnology, through her expertise and dedication to research. She has a special interest in medical research, and in particular, in the area of stem cells and gene therapy.

She has a strong conviction that women are the leaders of tomorrow, and that knowledge is the only weapon we have. She strongly believes that if a woman is well educated, she will not be intimated by her male counterparts or the world; and as a result will not be a liability to herself and the entire world, but rather a catalyst.

Mrs Arowolo has a great entrepreneurial spirit, and is the founder and director of Stunning look company, which was bought into existence in 2010; and has grown from strength to strength.

People often ask her how she copes with being a full time student, a Mum, a Wife and running a business. Her response is always down to these attributes and qualities: determination, hard work and being blessed with a very supportive husband who believes in her dreams and ensures they all come to reality.