Service                                                                                               Minimum Duration




* Nationally Accredited Courses in a a variety of subjects including Health and Social Care, Education & Training,   Employability, Progression, Leadership, Personal development, etc.

*      Intensive Empowerment Program                                                                12 week

*      Empowerment program                                                                              8 weeks

*      IT/ Communication technology                                                                   4 weeks

*      Skills Empowerment Program                                                                      4 weeks

*      Leadership Empowerment Program                                                             4 weeks

*      Employment/ Entrepreneur Mentoring-Coaching  Scheme                              4 sessions

*      Post Employment/ Entrepreneur  Scheme                                                    4 weeks

*      Mental Health Recovery Program                                                                12 weeks

*      Addiction Recovery Program                                                                      12 weeks

*      Post Mental Health Recovery Scheme                                                          8 weeks

*      Post Addiction Recovery Scheme                                                                8 weeks

*      MASTER CLASS                                                                                         2-6 HOURS

*      SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT/ WORKSHOPS                                                        1-7 HOURS



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SomeTestimonies about our Revolutionary Leadership Empowerment:

"Today has made me think about: inspiring myself, inspiring others, inspiring nations and inspiring the world"

"Great leadership course, makes me feel inspired and help give me purpose. Look forward to attending every week".

"Thanks, I really believe we need to spread this Kind of course more and more. I believe this is what the society needs to progress healthily".

“This course has been very helpful, I feel like I have wings to fly to wherever I'm passionate about. Being on this course has helped me greatly and I'm now doing some of the things I thought I was not cable of achieving before.”

"The course is a real eye opener to the truth about ourselves. I want to be able to soak up everything. Its super encouraging and inspiring, I believe that God has provided this course to prepare me for what is ahead. May God keep using it to draw out the very best in every one".

"Very supportive and a very good guide and inspirational and encouraging"

"What a lovely session/course, it has helped to put on my thinking cap about who I am generally.  (Thanks to Sylvia)

"A very inspiring course, I enjoyed every single minute" thanks Sylvia"

"A wonderful and very inspiring course, thank you"

“The inspirational things about our potential are hard to believe but by hearing them lots of times, it is going into our subconscious and my mind is beginning to believe it. Once again thank you”.

"Exceellent course, may we continue to learn how to fly with eagles until we are eagles ourselves".

"Lovely session, very inspiring, very uplifting, focused, knowledgeable, looking forward to more"

Sensational brilliant energetic, so inspiring, need more time for discussion"

Absolutely fantastic, Sylvia is just so inspiring. I feel I can do anything, I'm walking on air.

"This class has helped me to become more confident in myself around others. Really interesting course, excellent knowledge, and understanding.

The activity of presenting issues really helped to draw out some good qualities in people, which is fantastic to see.

"I have now realised the impact negative effect could have on people".

"It's been really good, love the energy in the room and the contribution from everyone. Thank you Sylvia for empowering us".

"Really enjoyed the course, especially the part of talking about what inspired us most”.

"Thought provoking, gives me hope that there is always an answer to a question"

"Inspiring, motivating, challenging, and great”!

“I have learnt that to be a leader you must have an attitude and attitude is what I don't have which I should have"

“A wonderful diverse learning experience, thank you”!