Join Us Celebrate our mentees, students, volunteers, community, partners, funders & YOU!Just as seasons come and go, each new day is a new dawn and new era in our lives – to bring about the change we envisage… As we move towards the end of 2017 and into the dawn of 2018, we are given another unique opportunity to start all over again, and let go of our past (in case we are not happy about it)! We are given the chance to change our lives and the stories we tell about our lives... we are given the ultimate opportunity not to conform anymore to our old/current life circumstances, failures, challenges, and limitations.Join us celeberate the an era of your life and the dawn of a brand new era and be empowered and equiped to take full control of each new day and the immense possibilities and platforms to it presents to us in disguise...It's a new season... come prepared with your seeds and be ready to sow again, reap a new harvest, be born again, experience a new life and transformation from within… and be renewed/restored.Identify and set new dreams and goals for your life and live the life you were born to live. Follow this event and  live updates on facebook: