Unique Selling points


The founder of VON, who is currently the executive director (Dr Sylvia Forchap), is from a black and ethnic minority background and has encountered, experienced and overcome some of the barriers/challenges faced by most of the women and empathises with them and is thus very passionate about assisting them fulfil their true potential. Because our clients are very valuable and form an integral part of us and their well being is our concern, we are very passionate about supporting them. As a result, our clients will enjoy the benefits of our services either for free or at extremely competitive/ discounted rates.

Same gender services:

This is quite valuable because less privileged and deprived girls and women are far more vulnerable than men and form the core of their families. In addition, because VON‘s services are delivered exclusively by women, this creates ‘a same-gender environment‘, which allows women to feel more comfortable and deal with self-esteem issues which are very typical in deprived, abusive and dependent situations. Same-gender settings will also allow a sisterhood to develop, allowing the women to bond and develop meaningful, supportive relationships together. Lastly, it minimizes the risk of assaults/ oppression and intimidation amongst beneficiaries/ staff.

Empowerment Programs:

Our intensive programs (broken down into one-to-one mentoring sessions, workshops, trainings and meetings), when fully engaged by the beneficiaries (which is generally made very accessible due to VON‘s availability to provide programs at designated locations of choice and suitability to clients) will be quite successful in empowering, motivating and building self-sufficient and confident girls/women with leadership skills.


At VON we strongly believe that the basis of a strong and vibrant community/ economy is underpinned in ‘the spirit of togetherness‘. As a result, we target a wide and diverse range of clients and offer a diverse range of services, so as to reach out to a wider audience and build a strong foundation through integration and inclusiveness.

Leading by Example:

At VON we believe ‘our own lives should be a testimonial of our authority‘ and that an effective service provider should be a true reflection of its products. We pride ourselves in using successful, confident and inspired women/ mentors full of life experiences (who have endured, overcome and succeeded into leadership and their full potential), for the delivery of our aspirations, thus making them ideal role models for the girls/ women /community we strive to serve.

Targeting the root:

We strongly believe that real and permanent change comes from within. As a result, we do not only focus on resolving external issues or problems, but also to nurture and support our clients identify and overcome their fears, barriers and challenges and excel in their full potential. Our services will have a definite and lasting impact in families, communities and the world at large.


As a social enterprise (Community Interest Company), VON has an edge of attracting and retaining the best qualified and talented directors and mentors; encouraged and motivated by the incentive that while passionately doing what they love, they will be justly appreciated and rewarded for their services.