Join us for 2 powerful days of Empowerment & Transformation in partnership with The WEA from Wednesday 25th July to 26th July 2018! This is an intensive transformational program designed to UNLOCK YOUR MAXIMUM POTENTIAL & DRIVE TO SUCCEED IN 2 DAYS!

The program will be delivered by our very own Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi, No. 1 Leading Empowerment & Transformation Authority, with proven results and real life transformations. You will unquestionably benefit from the great contents and the very dynamic, passionate, and authentic delivery style and positive aura of Dr Sylvia Likambi; who is also a bestselling author, 21st Century Thought Leader/ Visionary, and a Positive Role Model Award for multitudes!

It consists of lively, thought-provoking, and empowering workshops, role play and group discussions that will empower students to identify and unleash their greatest strengths, uniqueness, and untapped potentials; and develop the drive, confidence and motivation to set strategic goals, and take actions to fulfil their dreams and maximum potential. This is a fully funded program for eligible learners. Limited places available, so enrol now or contact us for more information. Let us know if you want to take part, or know anyone who may benefit from this!