Voice of Nations Men Empowering Nations (VON MEN) Launch in Honour of Father's Day 2014

On Saturday 28th June 2014 from 1:00pm, we finally get to launch our long awaited Voice of Nations MEN In honour of Father's Day 2014! We are very excited and honoured to be moving towards the next phase of our transformational journey by launching Voice of Nations Men Empowering Nations (VON MEN). There has been a huge and continuous demand for empowerment services for men, as most women and families felt that this was crucial in building secured and thriving children, homes, and communities, with male and female role models.VON MEN is a pioneering project and currently the only Male Empowerment Project in Liverpool (and probably the UK), that will be coordinated and facilitated by Male role models, spouses and fathers. The project will see men from various backgrounds and nations come together to support one another and share experiences/ best practices with other men/families on healthy relationships, communication, and parenting;  and be empowered and inspired to work in collaboration with their spouses, partners, families, and communities. Join us! This is s free event and program.