VON Breakfast Club

We will like to invite you to our Breakfast Club Launch on Friday 16th December 2016.This is an informal breakfast club funded by The Liverpool CVS in Partnership with Voice of Nations CIC, for the purposes of uniting diverse communities of different background, ethnicities, and culture together and encouraging them to live and work together in unity, to build a more resilient and sustainable community. The club will take place weekly, for 4 months, with the intention of making it sustainable.During such meetings, we would create a forum where diverse communities will come together and share their stories/experiences and rich culture over breakfast with the aim of socialising and creating awareness of the beauty and wealth the diverse cultures of Liverpool bring to our city, and promote integration/inclusiveness and community cohesion.Participants will be encouraged to discuss their fears, barriers, success, aspirations and support one another.Every fortnight, we will invite a local organisation to come and talk  about their services and opportunities available for our Breakfast club members.We are looking forward to having breakfast with you and being inspired every Friday Morning.Ther will also be a motivational talk on the power of community spirit!