VON's Inspirational CEO, Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi Nominated As Postive Role Model At The National Diversity Awards 2016

We are very pleased to announce that our highly charismatic and inspirational CEO, Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi, has been nominated as Positive Role Model at The National Diversity Awards!

 Dr Forchap-Likambi is a highly charismatic and natural female inspirational/motivational thinker, speaker, and leader, with a great vision and passion to impact and positively transform the lives and status of disadvantaged women, families and communities. She represents an authentic role model and leading symbol of empowerment, leadership and transformation!Dr Forchap-Likambi is a great visionary and examplerary leader and role model, who has encountered and experienced some of the challenges faced by most of the women and community she serves; hence, possesses great empathy, passion and desire; coupled with the practical experience and the education to lead our organisation. She also represents a confident/resilient, successful and inspired role model for the women and community VON strives to serve.We would be honoured and grateful as an organisation to receive your support towards her nomination, and Kindly help us spread the word, thank you! If you are amongts the thousands of individuals Dr Sylvia has touched or impacted in one way or the other, or an organsiation/ group or company she has worked with, or simply believe in her and her profound service to humanity, we would be grateful if you could kindly take a few minutes of your valuable time to support her nomination as Positive Role model, by casting your vote for her on the link below: https://nominate.nationaldiversityawards.co.uk/Nominate/Endorse/29492?name=dr%20sylvia%20forchapThank you for your tremendous support, love and encouragement! Its always an honour and privilege to continue serving you in the best possible way we can!