THIS IS MY SONG- STEP BY STEP:   I want to thank God because He saved me and I want you to allow God do the same for you.   Sometimes your life’s worries seem so difficult but there is someone who is above (or over) all, your Creator, Savior, Friend…   Observe around you and you will see He was always with you because He knew you before you were born. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you and you will see…   You will see step by step because God knows how to how you His love, He doesn’t want to shock you. We would like to know all things about our future but if we see ahead of time what will happen, we could be afraid.   God is wonderful so trust in Him and I repeat again you will see.   I don’t know you but He knows you perfectly and He wants to speak to you just LISTEN....Go to audio to listen.   Lyrics:   STEP BY STEP   Verse 1: If you look at the sky God’s creations You can see His presence in this world - orld Look behind and before you He is always there in your life   Chorus: Step by step Step by step Step by step Step by step Step by step We go on Step by step Pas à pas Nous avançons Pas à pas –ah ah ah ah   Verse 2 : When Jesus entered in Your heart He changed all your past We are different and it’s that our strength His calling you forward He is always with you Chorus x 2 Karine BAPTE    
  Dear Visionaries, I came across this video and thought I would share it with you...Watch, reflect, ponder, and be inspired…what do you see in FAITH Dickey? Do you believe you too posses what you see in her, or could possess it? Feel very free to share your thoughts and leave your comments! In FAITH Dickey, I envisage a glimpse of Authentic Leadership. Authentic leaders are willing to go alone even when no is willing to follow! They are brave, courageous, determined, focused, and have a clear vision of what they want to achieve, where they want to be, and why? They have a dream, they have a vision…Their vision is vivid, their vision is succinct, and it is their absolute drive! They have a vision they are passionate about, produced by a core conviction, and ignited by a purpose…A core conviction of who they are…whose they are…A core conviction that they are victors and not victims, winners and not losers, leaders and not followers…and are born and exist for purpose. Authentic leaders cannot and will not take a step of faith without vision…without knowing where they are going to, and the purpose of the journey (for without vision, they will stumble… be lost…and perish), and without purpose there is no motivation, and without motivation, action is impossible…and without action no step can be taken towards completion and victory…FAITH, as her name actually says it all…is substance of the things HOPED for and evidence of things not seen yet…Simply said, FAITH is believing in the unseen and providing compelling and concrete mental evidence of its existence. In other words, in times of hardships, battles of life, and challenges, you must believe in the victory you envisaged…the success you desired and dreamed of ( this is HOPE)…and finally present a mega trophy to your mind, which will ultimately pass it on as concrete and compelling evidence and reality to your physical body through your 5 senses. You will now be able to see the evidence clearly, touch it, feel it, smell it, and taste it! Finally, who has seen, touched, felt, smelled, and tasted victory, success, knows just how wonderful it is and desires nothing else!I liken the scenario of this video to when a visionary/ authentic leader finds himself/ herself in a very challenging life situation, and alone, as it's usually the case! What do you do as a visionary in such situations? Do you give up, loose focus, and fall? On the other hand, do you remain focused, determined, and keep walking the good walk of faith and not of sight? I urge you to remain focused, determined, courageous, and keep the vision alive. Do not be distracted by such challenges and hardship, do not look behind, nor to the right nor to the left…else, you would lose focus, stumble, fall and get hurt. Keep pressing forward, keep looking and moving forward, towards your final destination! Do not give up, and remain hopeful and faithful…As you see in the video, she does not take her eyes off her destination, every step and effort made is well calculated, planned, and executed meticulously for the completion of the journey and achievement of victory and purpose!Now, keep walking the good walk of faith…REMEMBER…HOPE IS INDESPENSABLE…VISION IS INDISPENSABLE, AND PURPOSE IS THE CORE REASON YOU WILL BE MOTIVATED AND REMAIN MOTIVATED TO KEEP PRESSING ON AND MOVING FORWARD ADMIST THE STORMS!Want to know more? Then why not attend one of our Revolutionary Leadership Empowerment ( Or why not Join Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi’s mentoring and leadership program ( blessed and inspired! Love, Sylvia <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>