“I Can Do All Things through Christ Who Strengthens Me” Philippians 4:13

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‘My people perish for lack of knowledge’Hosea 4:6…Lack of
knowledge of their true identity…true worth…true potential…true
purpose of existence…and where they are going to…In life it is not
very important where you come from, neither is it important where
you are right now. The most crucial and important thing of all is
where you are going to…You may not like your past, no worries, let
go of it and don’t let it hold you back and be trapped in it, for you
cannot change it…Yet you can change your perception about it! Let’s
imagine that it was a huge barrier or stumbling stone – and it kept
you trapped and locked up in the darkness and oppression of your
past…the stone you considered made you stumble and fall back
every time you tried to go forward or over it.
Now why not look at it this way…It was there for a purpose, as a
stepping stone, to lift you higher for greater positioning…to give you
that spring in your steps you needed to go over that huge barrier or
wall that kept you confined within the limitations of you past?
Without that stepping-stone, you would not have had enough
strength and spring in your steps to overcome that barrier…On the
other hand, you may be going through some really though times
right now, and do not like your present…yet something you can do
and must do about it, while you are still in it. You might want to
reposition yourself, move, walk, and run or change the way it is or
your perception about it.
However, the tricky thing is this: If you have to reposition yourself,
you must have knowledge of where you will reposition yourself…if
you want to move, walk, run or change, then you must have an idea
and an in depth knowledge of where you intend to move to, walk to,
run to, or the change you desire to have. Without this in-depth
knowledge, every effort is futile and a complete waste of time,
resources and consumption of your valuable strength and energy.

In the same way, someone by you or in a better position may only be
able to direct, guide, and lead you to your desired destination, only
 the know your desired the destination! A Satellite navigator as
valuable as it is could be of no use or value to you if you have no clue
of where you are going! Alternatively, even worst, it is absolutely of
no benefit to you if you do not have to move from your current
position. In the same way, all the great mentors, role models, and
leaders out there would be of no benefit to you if you have no clue
of where you are going to or want to be (they may make all the
guesses and suggestions, which may not necessarily be useful to you-
a complete waste of your time/ effort and theirs).
Therefore, arise! Wake up from your slumber…Wake for your
comfort zone…wake up from your present position, if that is not
where you should be or want to be.  Look afar…imagine where you
want to be, imagine the changes you want for yourself, your
children, family, relationships, and your world…imagine the benefits
they will bring to you, your children, family,… and world…then go for
it with such passion and determination! Soar up to greater heights
with a focused vision and wings spread out like an eagle!
In addition, like an eagle stay focused, determined, and embrace and
exploit the storms that you come across as you soar to your desired
destination…for they serve a single purpose, which is always to your
advantage…to push you forward and lift you up to greater heights
and position…to propel you effortlessly to your ideal and final
destination! Arise, and be visionary! Step forward into your future
with great confidence and courage! You have within you the
strength, power, and authority to determine, change, shape, and
establish your future and destiny! My prayer for you is that whatever
choices and changes you make; your intent purpose of creation and
existence will be completely achieved and fulfilled…To the Glory of
your Heavenly Father! Be blessed and empowered. Sylvia

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