STEPPING OUT IN CONFIDENCE   our greatest obstacle in life is fear.

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One of the most common fears in the world is the fear of saying
something stupid and messing things up or being humiliated. Such
fear paralyzes the spirit and there are millions of people who won’t
say a word because they are too afraid that they will say something
stupid and mess up. This is rather unfortunate, because everyone is
unique and special and has something or a lot interesting things and
ideas to share.
However, their fear hinders them from saying anything. For God has
not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-
discipline (2 Timothy 1:7). Here is good and effective way to get rid
of inferiority complex and boost your confidence: The next time you
are in a group of people and they are discussing a subject that you
know a little or more about, you can start talking about that without
the fear of messing up things or sounding silly. Just start with a
phrase like this: “I think that……but I might be wrong!” In that way
you are not afraid to go wrong or to mess things up, because you
already made it clear in the beginning. P.S: Only by saying stupid
things do we learn the right things.
So don’t be afraid to make errors….We do learn everyday from our
mistakes, and the more we know, the more confident we are. Two
simple confidence exercises for the day: Breathing technique:
Whenever you feel nervous, just breath slowing and deeply, if
possible counting your breaths (this shifts your focus to your breath
and ability to relax), until you calm yourself down. When you are
nervous, you should avoid talking, breathe until you calm down. This
also works in cases where one is preparing for a big event and is
stressed out. Grab a notebook straight away and start using it for
recording all the good things that you do well.

By writing down everything that you do well from your workplace,
social gathering or from home, you will start to gain a decent level of
self awareness and self-confidence. Tip! Whenever you feel
disappointed, just open this notebook and start reading. Once you
realise the many good things you have done in the past, you will feel
amazing. “Did I do all of this stuff! Man that’s awesome!” Keep
reading through the notebook because all that’s in there is true and
it’s done by you!
So, you can do great things in your life! The notebook is just a
confirmation that you are a great person, with unique and special
abilities, and that can do things the right way! You should be proud
of yourself! One of the most important confidence building exercises
that have been available to us humans from the beginning of the
world, yet we did not recognise or appreciate it until in recent times,
is the “CAN DO mind set and attitude”. Make every effort to become
a person that rarely says “No”, “I can’t do this”, “will try”, “may be”,
“Must”, “I’ll do it later”.
All these words are poisonous for your self confidence. They slowly
and very surely destroy all the self esteem and self confidence you
have. Start using powerful and motivating words like “Yes, I can”, “I
will”, “I am doing it”, “Sure”, “Yes”, “terrific”, etc. There is such a slim
line between what you think you can do and what you can actually
do! However, if you start by saying “I can’t do this” you won’t even
start, even though you can do almost anything if you want. Just begin
by saying “Yes I can”. Never mind the surrounding obstacles, just say
that every time you do something. You will notice that your
percentages of successes will start to go up and this will prove to you
that you can actually do all you want to. Start being that “CAN DO”
man or woman that you were always meant to be and live your life
with a strong, powerful self confidence and purpose!

“I Can Do All Things through Christ Who Strengthens Me”
Philippians 4:13

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