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Like the Dark Continent- a
refuge to war, sorrow, struggles, hardship, poverty and endurance,
yet capable of bringing forth great men and women of all times, is a
black woman- Her body is home to sorrow, pain, abuse, endurance
yet she never relents and stops hoping for an instant. She hopes, she
conceives, she holds on, she gives birth and brings forth great men
and women of all nations into the world- replenishing the world with
perfect hope and vision.
Like that perfect black evening dressing gown every woman yearns,
absorbing all impurities, yet appearing sparkling and spotless in the
limelight, is the perfection of the dark complexion of a black woman.
Like the perfect black dress concealing all imperfections and bringing
out the perfect slim figure and beauty of a woman, is a black woman-
appearing perfect, glowing and full of joy yet underneath her beauty

and perfection, are concealed the imperfections and struggles of her
life, domestic violence, pain and sorrows. Like the gorgeous perfect
black dress, she perfectly conceals the imperfections of her spouse,
children, family and nation. Like a beautiful radiant sun in a hot
summer day, she extends the radiance and warmth of her tender
and compassionate heart to all, conveying a glow on the face of all
she comes in contact with, regardless of what goes on within her.
Like a dark and void room so is a black woman- her beautiful dark
complexion being comparable to darkness. Yet only in the presence
of darkness and emptiness is the purpose and perfection of light
revealed. So is a black woman, in the midst of her struggles,
tribulations, weaknesses, frailty, pain and endurance is her
perfection, majesty and purpose revealed…. and transcend the lives
of her children, families, generations, nations and the world. Her
greatness, success, values and legacy live forever and are manifested
in the lives and achievements of the great men and women she
conceived and brought forth into the world- great men and women
and leaders of all calibre she bore.
Great men and women and leaders of all calibre she led into the
world. Her wisdom, patience, unconditional love, kindness, warmth,
humility, gentleness, endurance and values are the source of her
strength, legacy and perfection. Dedicated to all black women
worldwide. Peace and Respect by Sylvia L. Forchap (Executive
Director Voice of Nations cic)

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