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Our journey

Notes from our founder

Enjoy reading a few of word from our founder


I am a very passionate and lead female inspirational and motivational thinker and speaker who derives extreme satisfaction in giving hope and inspiring others to blossom in their most meaningful life expression and fulfil their maximum potential.

core conviction

My core conviction (which is the core conviction of Voice of Nations) is that all humans are born equal and every individual is unique, regardless of their background or the circumstances surrounding them. I strongly believe that each and every one of us is very unique and special and endowed with unique abilities and qualities to fulfil a unique mission on earth what I broadly refer to as our purpose of existence.

Did you know?

The 70% of the world poorest people are women, and only 1% of the world’s assets belong to women

Women 70%

What about being aware of the fact

The 55% of women worldwide are not enrolled in schools and only 34% of women are literate.

Women are literate
Not enrolled in schools

Interesting FACT

Isn’t it interesting to know that in the UK more females than males go on to higher education and also do better than their male counterparts; yet this in not reflected in the country’s economic and social setting? There continues to be a remarkable disparity between men and women in the UK in terms of employment, housing, home ownership, health and well being; with the men being highly favourable than the women.


Voice of Nations is a an Award-Winning non profit community interest company based in Liverpool, whose vision is to transform the lives and statues of less privileged and disadvantaged girls and women so they can become aware of their rights and full potential, and excel into positions of leadership and financial independence.

the knowledge is power

Also, I strongly believe that knowledge is power and people are less privileged or disadvantaged due to lack of knowledge. As a result Voice of Nations’ mission is to provide consultations, workshops, trainings, seminars, conferences and social and cultural events to educate, empower, mentor, inspire and boost the confidence of less privileged and disadvantaged girls and women in Liverpool and the UK. I am aware you might be wondering, why women and not men? We have chosen to serve women because they are more vulnerable than men and form the core of families; thus positively impacting and transforming the lives of women goes a long way to impact children, families, generations, nations and the world at large.

Sexual assaults

The 50% of all sexual assaults worldwide are against young girls and domestic violence is documented as the largest cause of injury and death amongst women (leading to more death in women aged 15-44 than malaria, war, traffic accidents and cancers)?

Women 70%

These statistics, therefore demonstrate substantial evidence of the need of services provided at grassroots communities to support and empower underprivileged and marginalized females who would otherwise not have access to or be represented by mainstream service providers. I personally and strongly believe that only a female led organisation or leaders and directors from a similar background that have experienced and overcome some of the challenges faced by women, and can identify and empathise with them; could be in the paramount position to genuinely and passionately reach out and transform the lives of women. For this reason, Voice of Nations is set up to embark on an intense and divine journey of leadership and transformation with less privileged girls and women in Liverpool and the UK and I say welcome on board and join us on this inspirational and life transforming journey.

Relax, refresh, explore and excel in your maximum potential with us.

Are you aware of the fact that you are a very special and unique individual created and equipped with unique qualities and abilities to fulfil a unique mission on earth that only you could accomplish and no one else could dare to do it better than you?

Did you also know that you are the leader and expert in this domain?

What about being aware of the fact that if your mission is not accomplished by you, it remains unaccomplished?

It doesn’t matter where you find yourself now neither does your background, gender, religion, culture or skin colour has anything to do with this. You might be a woman, poor, black, handicapped, depressed, refugee, asylum seeker, victim of domestic violence or rape yet you are endowed with immense and exceptional potentials within you and I encourage and challenge you to explore and discover the untapped potentials within you.

The question is how do you identify and discern these attributes?

I will provide you with some few guidelines:

  • What are you good at?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you do with great ease?
  • What is your vision? Or where would you envisage yourself if you had all limitations and barriers removed?

Reflect on these questions, grab a book or paper and write down your answers, meditate on them, believe in you abilities to thrive and accomplish them and let nothing or no one stop you.

I know some of you might be thinking, but let’s be realistic, etc, how far can a black woman go? An asylum seeker, a refugee, depressed and abused woman, etc? If only I had permission to reside in the UK, was white or British, or even a male it could have been much easier for me to succeed.

But I tell you this, the power and decision of how far you can go lies within you and solely depend on how far you are willing to go? Yes, I do agree with you that there would be obvious obstacles along the way nevertheless your willingness to thrive and excel determines how successful and fulfilled you will become.

Do you know there are poor, oppressed and homeless Whites and British citizens without hope or visions? Did you also know there are perfectly looking unsuccessful and unfulfilled men and women in all societies? Therefore, it is not about what skin colour, background, nationality, etc, you possess but rather, it is about your attitude towards life, your mindset and convictions. I some much love the statement made by Dr Martin Luther king in his “I have a dream” speech. He said he had a dream that his children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.

I hereby enlighten and encourage you all to know, that day has finally come and it is here and now where we and our children are not going to be judged by the colour of our skin, background or circumstances, but by the content of our character and ability Do not be afraid to dream big, have great visions, and do all you can on your part to ensure they come to pass so as to fulfil your purpose and let no one tell you otherwise because you were born to thrive, you were born for a purpose, to excel and not to be content in mediocrity. I will hereby reveal to you a crucial winning strategy, which you should adopt from now on what I term “the winner’s secret or mindset”.

The next time you meet people in life who try to discourage or tell you that you cannot achieve your goals pause and ask them if they have ever successfully achieved similar goals in their lifetime? I bet their responses will be something like these: “we have all been there and know a lot of people too who have been there and tried so hard but failed”“it is not that easy as you think, you know”“you need to be careful, else you might end up very disappointed” “you need this, you need that and that” and the list goes on and on to give you all the strategies of failure. I bet so many of you have already come across such people in life. All those with such mindsets belong to a distinct category of people who make up what I refer to as the “losing team” and so have no better advice to give you, than the strategies and testimonials of looser.

I therefore implore you to go to a winner, the next time you intend to win a race as you will be empowered with knowledge and strategies to become a winner. No one says it’s going to be an easy task or journey, yet it is the outcome that really matters to a winner, and that is where his focus lies. And because you are a champion, I therefore encourage and challenge you to redirect your focus, believe in your abilities and watch yourself soar to greater heights and fulfil your visions. The winner’s mindset or attitude is “I can do it” “I am well equipped” and I will do it regardless of the obvious obstacles and shortcomings I am faced with”. I hope you leave here today empowered and with a winner’s mindset and attitude.

Thank you very much for going through this amazing and life changing journey with us, and remember that together we form the winning team. Enjoy your visit and let us know what you think.