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We strongly believe that each and every one of us is very unique and special and endowed with unique abilities and qualities to fulfil a unique mission on earth

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leading women empowerment & transformation authority

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To transform the lives and statues of less privileged and disadvantaged girls and women so they can become aware of their rights and full potential, and excel into positions of leadership and financial independence.


All humans are born equal and every individual is unique, regardless of their background or the circumstances surrounding them.


To become a world-class advocate, role model and leader.We aspire to provide first hand and quality support through engagement, social and recreational activities.


Connect with us and make a real difference to the lives of those in need

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  • Thriving Families Project
  • Public Speaking
  • Confidence Building
  • Mental Detox & Wellbeing
  • Relationship Coaching
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    Educate Empower Lead Inspire Motivate Transform

    VON strongly believes that knowledge is power and people are less privileged/ disadvantaged due to lack of knowledge.

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    When you become detached mentally f​rom yourself and concentrate on helping other people with their difficulties, you will be able to cope with your own more effectively. Somehow, the act of self-giving is a personal power-releasing factor

    Norman Vincent Peale


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    Our timetable


    • Journey to Success Intensive Mentoring/Coaching


    • Women of the faith Fellowship


    • Develop Unwavering Confidence



    • Women Economic Empowerment


    • Thriving Families Workshops at Better Days Home


    • Thriving Families Drop-In


    • Journey to Success Intensive Mentoring/Coaching



    • Women Wellbeing Workshops


    • 1-2-1 Wellbeing Coaching


    • Journey to Success Intensive Mentoring/Coaching



    • Thriving Families Workshops


    • Family Coaching Sessions



    • Journey to Success Intensive Mentoring/Coaching


    • Relationship Coaching


    • ESOL classes


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    Voice of Nations is an institution under the tutorship of Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi that I can never forget in my life.
    After a devastating road traffic accident, I was involved in 4 years ago, life became meaningless to me. It looked as though that was the end to my career, because of my constant fear of the unseen and lack of confidence.
    I always asked the question, “When will I ever go back to work? Will I ever be able to function to my fullest capacity and potential? The tuition on wellbeing, unleash your authentic identity, developing unwavering confidence, and public speaking under Dr Sylvia and her mentorship has helped me to recognize and develop strategies to cope with the stresses and strains. Before this training and my mentorship with Dr Sylvia, I did not have the confidence to speak in public or to attend an interview; but now I am bold with confidence, can confidently speak in the public and can attend face-face interviews without fear or stress. These training and mentorship have profoundly transformed my life, and I am now looking forward to acquiring more skills and further my career in teaching and learning in the Early Years Educational Sector, because of my passion for young children development.
    Hope my story inspires you to believe change is possible in every situation! Thank you, Voice of Nations, Thank you Dr Sylvia.
    Oluwatoyin Akinduro
    "Dr Sylvia is an amazing woman. She transformed my life at a time when as a wife and mother, I thought I was useless and worthless and therefore had nothing to offer to myself and society. I went through her life changing courses and it completely changed my mind set about myself and the way I saw myself.She made me realise my potentials and the fact that I am a leader and can be the best I want to be if only I wake up. I applied what I learnt from her into my life and it completely transformed my marriage, my role as a mum and a woman in my society. I began also telling my friends some of the things I learnt from her. Dr Sylvia, thank you so much for transforming my life with your motivational talks and programs.”