What Do You Need?

Executive & Business Coaching

The core of this coaching will be centered on:
Understanding the power of a company/corporate vision and mission statement. Reviewing and communicating company’s vision and mission statement clearly.
Through this, we support individuals and leaders explore the famous Gospa strategy, which is the foundation on which successful business coaching is based. They are coached to set clearer business, personal and professional development and financial goals, objectives, and success strategies, and how these could be clearly communicated throughout the business. These goals will be reviewed, evaluated, and acted upon for overall personal/business growth and success. All individuals enrolled for this program will be offered Dr Forchap-Likambi’s bestselling book, Success Blueprint and A Bespoke Personal & Professional Transformation and Success Planner.

Strategic Thinking and Planning

We will work on the leader’s ability to think and plan strategically (looking at the strategy of some great leaders and role models). You will learn how to stand back and view the future, remain ambitious, optimistic, and at the same time think critically, to identify any underlying problem, or set back, and then plan, and act.

Time Management

We will explore excellent time management to maximize your business resources and output.

What Do You Need?

Personal & Life Coaching

Clients will go through an intensive Personal development and personal performance/ lifestyle coaching, that will enable them construct and maintain essential and successful life skills. Such skills make them develop the personality and strength of character of a great and resilient individual and leader of integrity, and empower them to deal effectively with different situations and people at different times, especially with difficult/ challenging situations and people

Youth Coaching

This program has been designed to coach and guide youth in unlocking their full potential and becoming an active member and change agent of the society.

What People Say About Us

Client Testimonial

“My 8yr old daughter worked with Dr Sylvia last year and it's amazing the impact she made in her life. My daughter's attitude changed positively. She will never say no to any challenge but always gives it her best. I can only mention a few but I will continue to thank God for making our paths to cross. Thanks Dr Sylvia and the Lord is your strength."
Susan O.
“This course has been very helpful, I feel like I have wings to fly to wherever I'm passionate about. Being on this course has helped me greatly and I'm now doing some of the things I thought I was not capable of achieving before.”
Dr Sylvia Forchap Likambi is a great servant leader and has been a great source of inspiration and motivation to me and my family, and has personally inspired, supported and coached me over the years, guiding me in almost every major decision I had taken in my life so far. Given her intellectual abilities and prowess, she has been a great source of motivation to me, throughout my academic life. She does everything with love, commitment and passion. As a 23-year old female telecommunications engineer, she has ceaselessly supported me all through this challenging field of mine.