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Voice of Nations is an Award-Winning non-profit community interest company based in Liverpool whose vision is to transform the lives and statues of less privileged and disadvantaged girls and women so they can become aware of their rights and full potential and excel in positions of leadership and financial independence.
Our core conviction is that all humans are born equal and every individual is unique, regardless of their background or the circumstances surrounding them.

We strongly believe that each of us is unique and special and endowed with unique abilities and qualities to fulfil a unique mission on earth, which I broadly refer to as our purpose of existence.

Our belief is that knowledge is power, and it is often the lack of knowledge that leaves people less privileged or disadvantaged. At Voice of Nations, we aim to bridge this gap by providing the necessary knowledge and resources to empower individuals.

As a result, Voice of Nations’ mission is to provide consultations, workshops, training, seminars, conferences, and social and cultural events to educate, empower, mentor, inspire, and boost the confidence of less privileged and disadvantaged girls and women in Liverpool, the UK, and at international levels.