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“It was a truly enjoyable and inspirational experience and session. I am so impressed“This course has been exceptional! I feel like I have wings to fly to wherever I'm passionate about. Being on this course has helped me greatly and I'm now doing some of the things I thought I was not capable of achieving before.” how passionate and determined you have been. I thought I would never be able to be a leader, but you completely changed my notion. Thank you for your effort in the session. Now I know I am unique – like the one and only person that exists in this world. As I’m interested in International Development, the course gave me a foundational understanding of self-empowerment. Thanks!”
“I have attended several of Dr Sylvia’s motivational talks and master classes, and one trait constantly stands out in her – genuineness. She is indeed an original, passionate, authentic and charismatic leader and speaker! Her originality, passion, humility and charisma attract, captivate and transform even the most hard to reach and hopeless of the society. She is incredibly transformational”
“Thank you so much! You completely transformed my life, mindset, and relationships… I am now very confident, and there is nothing Life will bring to me that I cannot deal with.”