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Operations Manager

Operations Manager

About Sarah Buaye

Sarah Buaye is an accomplished Operations Manager at Voice of Nations, bringing a wealth of experience and dedication to her role. With strong foundations in English, Mathematics, and Information Technology, Sarah is well-equipped to manage and streamline operations effectively. Her diverse skill set, including a Level 3 qualification in IT and Hairdressing, highlights her adaptability and commitment to continuous learning.

Sarah’s professional journey is marked by her extensive volunteer work, which has significantly contributed to her expertise and leadership abilities. As a teaching assistant in IT at both the Methodist Centre and Lighthouse, she has empowered individuals with essential digital skills. Her role as an English ESOL teaching assistant at Lighthouse further underscores her commitment to education and community support.

At Asylum Link Merseyside, Sarah has demonstrated her leadership capabilities by leading women’s groups, directing choirs, and providing translation services. Her outreach and support work with 4Wings, Movement, and Voice of Nations showcase her ability to connect with and support diverse communities effectively. Additionally, her role as a trustee for the Merseyside Refugee Support Network and as a sales assistant and translator at Refugee Women Connect highlight her dedication to advocacy and service.

Professional Experience:

  • Operations Manager, Voice of Nations: Sarah oversees the operational functions, ensuring smooth and efficient processes. Her leadership and organizational skills are pivotal in driving the mission of Voice of Nations.
  • Outreach Worker, 4Wings: Sarah has excelled in outreach, providing crucial support and resources to individuals in need, fostering a sense of community and inclusion.

Volunteer Experience:

  • Teaching Assistant (IT), Methodist Centre and Lighthouse: Equipped individuals with vital IT skills, enhancing their employability and confidence in the digital age.
  • Teaching Assistant (English ESOL), Lighthouse: Facilitated English language learning for non-native speakers, promoting integration and communication within the community.
  • Leader and Translator, Asylum Link Merseyside: Directed women’s groups and choirs, and provided translation services, demonstrating her leadership and linguistic proficiency.
  • Outreach and Support Worker, 4Wings: Delivered essential outreach services, connecting individuals with necessary support and resources.
  • Outreach and Administration, Movement: Managed outreach initiatives and administrative tasks, ensuring effective program delivery.
  • Outreach, Voice of Nations: Extended support and outreach services, aligning with the organization’s mission to empower and uplift communities.
  • Trustee, Merseyside Refugee Support Network: Contributed to strategic decisions and governance, advocating for refugee support and integration.
  • Sales Assistant and Translator, Refugee Women Connect: Assisted with sales and provided translation services, supporting refugee women in their journey towards self-sufficiency.

Core Competencies:

  • Operational Management: Expertise in managing and optimizing operational functions to achieve organizational goals.
  • Outreach and Community Support: Proven ability to connect with diverse communities, providing essential support and fostering inclusion.
  • Teaching and Mentoring: Experience in teaching IT and English, empowering individuals with essential skills for personal and professional growth.
  • Leadership and Advocacy: Strong leadership skills, demonstrated through various roles in community organizations and advocacy groups.
  • Multilingual Communication: Proficient in translation and multilingual communication, enhancing community engagement and support.

Sarah Buaye is a dynamic and compassionate leader whose diverse experiences and unwavering dedication to community support make her an invaluable asset to Voice of Nations. Her commitment to operational excellence, coupled with her extensive outreach and volunteer work, underscores her passion for making a positive impact on society.